Unfortunately, we do not offer financing at this time. We recommend reaching out to your current bank to see what financing options they have available. There are also numerous online lenders offering unsecured, personal loans.

Our current line up of models range from a cozy 190sf up to a roomy 640sf.  Models in production are updated online.  These dimensions are the overall “footprint” of the building, and may not reflect the actual, livable space. Custom sizes are available; Please contact us for a quote.

Our business model is structured to keep our productivity high and prices low. One of the key elements of this model is sticking to a reproducible floor plan that does not require our engineers to re-design elements of the cabin.   In certain cases and for multi-unit orders we may be able to make changes to the floor plan economically and we do offer exterior color customization, a choice of interior color palettes, and upgrade options.

We typically build our cabins within 60 to 120 days of a completed sale order, depending on the size of the cabin. However, many factors may affect the actual delivery time. We work hard to keep our customers updated on the progress and informed of any unexpected delays.

We’ve built cabins for clients all over Texas.  We are willing to deliver anywhere in the United States.  All of our cabin construction takes place at our manufacturing plant south of DFW.  The completed cabins are then trucked to the client’s property, where our team will set and level the building.

While we can certainly set your cabin on a concrete slab if preferred, it is not necessary. A level and flat area is all that is needed to set a Kendall Cabin. We recommend our customers  set their cabin on a rock, crushed stone, or similar base, which makes an excellent pad site for our Cabins. Any rock or stone brought in to create a pad site must be properly packed/rolled to ensure stability of the Cabin. Undisturbed soil is preferred, but if dirt work is required to level the area it must also be packed/rolled to minimize the possibility of settling. We highly recommend consulting with a professional before preparing your site.

Our delivery team is committed to a timely and professional delivery process. Typically setup time varies from 2 – 8 hours and depends on site accessibility, road conditions, grade of the property, etc. Be sure to discuss your delivery site with your representative.

A Kendall Cabin would be perfect for a guesthouse, weekend retreat, permanent living space, office, lake sanctuary, ranch accommodation, mother-in-law suite, rental home or any other application where folks need a beautiful and well appointed place to enjoy!

Yes! Our cabins are built to exceed residential building requirements.  Our cabins have included plumbing and are completely wired for electricity. You will need to have a professional tie in your plumbing to a proper water and septic system, and you will need an electrician to connect the cabin to a power source (Electrical grid, large generator, solar, etc.).

It depends. If you are within the limits of an incorporated city, municipality, town, etc., you will most likely be required to obtain a permit for your cabin, as well as permits for electrical and plumbing. If your property is in the county, you should not need any permits other than a permit for a new septic system, if required. However, it is strongly recommended that you check with whatever governing authority controls your area prior to purchasing a cabin. Kendall Cabin will not be responsible for any permits.

Once a location and site conditions are communicated we work with several dependable and experienced delivery teams to obtain the most economical price for delivery and set up.  Deliveries normally start around $1500.

Yes.  We strive to keep happy customers and stand behind our work!  Our warranty covers workmanship and materials and manufacturers warranty on appliances etc.  A copy of our warranty is available and will be covered during the sales process.